Back to the 80s

Back to the 80s

Do you remember the 80s? No, i don’t talk about the dresses or hair cuts back in the days! I am talking about the sounds, the mood and feeling in the air! Here is my sound of the 80s.

Do you remember the mood in the 80s? This special kind of transition from the wild 70s into a technological society. Movies like “Beverly Hills Cop” give me this mood. No mobiles, simple computers and big cars. Just bevor the home computer, the internet and all the technology rules the world. The technology development was getting faster and faster.

This was the mood which I had in mind, as i created this tune. It is one of my attends to describe this special feeling. This are my memories to the 80s. Enjoy my time-travel.

I love it to make music. In this section you can find some ideas, sound files and videos of my work. Usually i record my songs in my little “home studio” and do sometimes collaborations with other musicians. Often i struggle with to much ideas and my limited time for my hobby. So i have hundreds of unfinished projects, ideas and sound snippets. I will publish some of this ideas from time to time and share it with you – so stay tuned!

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2013-11-17 15:17 +0100